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Gays bolt

August 21, 2017

By Sorie Kamara

Four gays are on the run after police raided their illicit gay party at IMATT; Regent in Freetown Western Rural District.

Saturday 28 July, during a police raid on a gay ‘chilling’ (party) Ibrahim Jalloh, Foday Bangura and Ismeal Conteh was caught beaten and stripped naked by members of the community.

They was about to be lynched, but however managing to escaped as the police tried to calm the agitating mob.

According to the Chief of IMATT, Alimamy Conteh, “this is a religious community and we are not going to tolerate such abomination… we tipped the police because we’ve been observing that gays are having party here. We don’t want them to influence our kids to copy such life style”

Since the incident, the police as well as community members are still searching for Ibrahim Jalloh and two of his friends Foday Bangura and Ismeal Conteh.

While the police have declared them wanted, some members of the community are also issuing death threats.

Some of the community members are even alleging that the mudslide is as a result of the abominable lifestyle of these young men, noting that they must pay for their act.

However, the Sierra Leone Human Rights Commission (SLHRC) does not work on Lesbians Gay Bisexual and Transvestite (LGBT) rights since the law of Sierra Leone does not give the Commission the mandate to advocate and support LGBT human rights, SLHRC’s Communications Director, averred.




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