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As SLPP Paints Freetown Green…

Bio says turnout indicates victory for the party

February 27,  2018 

Bio’s convoy took hours to arrive at the National Stadium
Thousands of SLPP supporters converged at the National Stadium yesterday to mark their last official rally in Freetown

Thousands of supporters and members of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) yesterday painted the main streets of Freetown green in a show of groundswell support for their presidential candidate, Retired Brigadier Maada Bio.

The mammoth crowd of supporters ecstatically chanted slogans from the far-east and west of the capital, Freetown amid music, drumming and dancing.

Cladded in their traditional green attire, bearing the portraits of their presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio and his running mate Dr. Juldeh Jalloh, the supporters peacefully conducted themselves without any reported case of chaos or violence.

Speaking on the African Young Voices (Ayv) television, Retired Brigadier Bio noted that the rally, coupled with the turnout of supporters in their thousands, was indicative of victory for the SLPP and Sierra Leone come March 7th.

At National Stadium, Bio noted that the slogan ‘one country, one people’ represents unity, thus assuring the international community that the SLPP was ready for peaceful elections, but that they would reject a rigged outcome.

He noted that Sierra Leone was prepared for change, which he said was unavoidable, noting that it was now time for people to take a decision that would transform the livelihood of the nation.

He maintained that he stood the best chance to save the nation from all the struggles that the current All Peoples Congress (APC) government has inflicted on the citizenry.

Bio described himself as ‘a people-centred individual’ and that whatever decision he takes would reflect the needs and aspirations of the people.

He reiterated calls for the ruling All Peoples Congress to be kicked out of power via the ballot box and assured of maintaining peace throughout the entire process.

He promised to keep his electoral promises, including scraping the 6-3-4-4 educational system to 6-3-3-4, revamping the economy and running an inclusive government. He also pledged to fight corruption and plug leakages in public fiscal management.

“Do not handover the country to an apprentice,” he told his supporters, in an apparent jibe aimed at the APC presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara.

The opposition party had branded their last official rally in Freetown a ‘one million man match’ that would signal victory for the SLPP.

Although we cannot ascertain the exact numbers that came out yesterday, their members and supporters processed in their thousands from the east and west of Freetown before finally converging at the National Stadium where they were addressed by Mr. Bio, his running mate and party stalwarts.

As they left the national en route to their respective homes, they could be heard chanting “Maada Bio, Maada Bio aye!”

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