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As Sierra Leone celebrates IWD…

Gov’t, P’ment urged to enact Gender Equality Bill

March 10, 2017 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

The Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone (HRC-SL) has urged the government and the house of parliament to, without any further delay, enact the Gender Equality Bill into law.

Sierra Leone on Wednesday (March 8, 2017) joined other countries around the world to observe this year’s International Women’s Day on the theme: “Sustaining the increase of inclusive participation of women to enhance Socio-Economic Gender Parity by 2030.”

Even though the country has come a long way in advancing women’s empowerment over the decades, the commission in a press release said sustaining the gains made would only be possible with the renewed commitment of all and sundry.

“Advancing women’s human rights and economic empowerment in all spheres of life particularly in the workplace is important for achieving gender equality and  gender parity in realising women’s human rights and sustainable development,” the release stated.

The commission is of the view that when women are empowered, inequalities are eliminated in the workplaces, communities and homes, there would be improvement in healthcare, inclusive participation in education and decision making.

According to the country’s national human rights body, efforts must therefore be made at the national and institutional levels to realise gender equality for women as that would be a vital strategy for economic and social development which would bring about sustainable development and the reduction of poverty among women.

The release continued: “Gone are the days when women were expected to solely manage the domestic affairs of the home and raise children.  Today, we see a good many educated women managing offices, in positions of decision making and running their own businesses.”

While commending the government for the remarkable contribution towards women’s empowerment, the HRC-SL also urged the government to enact laws and policies that would help to achieve gender parity at all levels in the workplace and in decision making.

The commission reiterated its commitment to continue advocating for the advancement of women’s human rights, equality and parity in order for them to attain their potentials and contribute meaningfully in all spheres of life, particularly in the workplace and encourage women and women’s groups not to relent in their commitment and quest for ensuring that Sierra Leone attains gender parity by 2030.

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