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As Parliament approves 9 presidential nominees…

SLPP MP kicks against Mohamed Bangura’s approval

April 8, 2016 By Jariatu S. Bangura

An opposition lawmaker representing constituency 89 in Pujehun district yesterday urged his colleagues not to approve Mohamed Bangura as Minister of Information and Communication because he presented ‘fake’ academic certificate to the Appointments and Public Affairs Committee.

Hon. Dickson Rogers also accused Mr. Bangura of lacking principles as he had moved from at least two political parties within nine years. “Here is a man that moves from one political party to the other, presenting fake document for his interview, yet still the committee presented him for the approval of members! I am therefore against this motion for his approval,” said the Sierra Leone Peoples Party lawmaker.

Hon. Rogers, however, gave his seal of approval to the other eight nominees, warning that if Mr. Bangura was approved, he would continue to do the things he had been doing prior to being appointed minister. “We need people that can perform as expected and who do things that are right and legal,” he said.

However, the Appointments Committee recommended that Mr. Bangura, who they bizarrely referred to as “a prominent politician, journalist and communication expert”, is qualified to serve as minister.

The other nominees approved include: Elizabeth Mans, as Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources; Hon. Mohamed A. Jalloh, as Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation; Zuliatu M. Cooper, as Deputy Minister ll, Health and Sanitation; Akhmad Femi Mansaray, Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs; and James Morlai Kamara, as Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology.

Meanwhile, the approved nominees were cautioned by lawmakers to be diligent in their work as no excuses would be entertained from them this time around. In particular, Mr. Bangura was admonished to not be in the news as he controversially was prior to his appointment.

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