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As Parliament approves 6 more nominees…

SLPP MP warns new Resident Minister East

April 20, 2016 By Jariatu S. Bangura

A Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Member of Parliament yesterday cautioned newly approved Resident Minister East, Karmoh Kabba, to embrace peace and tranquillity in Kailahun district.

Hon. Moiwa Momoh accused the former Minister of Political Affairs of being the mastermind of political upheaval in his native Kono district in the past years.

“We don’t want anything or anyone that will cause mayhem in our district especially Kailahun as we are peaceful citizens and we don’t want to fight another war. We have heard so many instances of mayhem that had taken place in Kono and we don’t want Kailahun to be like them,” he said in Parliament.

The opposition lawmaker said he saw no reason why Parliament should approve presidential nominees in the name of ‘speedily approval’ when they should follow certain criteria.

“We have seen people that are speedily approved but in the end fail the people of this country. They move in with haste and then fail woefully, blaming others for their downfall, which is not good, therefore they must and should be scrutinised properly before approval take place,” Hon. Momoh said.

He said there was no logical reason for President Koroma to appoint Alpha Kanu as Presidential Adviser, after having served as minister in several ministries.

“You have worked very hard but they still did not know about that. Why should they in fact replace you with Mohamed Bangura and that of Cornelius Devaux when you have performed extremely well? There is no need for you to be an adviser as you have been Ministers  for Presidential and Public Affairs from 2007-2009, Mineral Resources and Political Affairs 2009-2010, Political and Public Affairs 2010-2013 and Information and Communications 2013-2016 respectively,” he said.

He urged the other nominees to work in the interest of the country and not on individual or partisan basis.

The other nominees approved include: Momoh Vandi as Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development; Winstanley Bankole-Johnson as Board Member Bank of Sierra Leone; Mariatu Kemoh Sesay as Board Member, Income Tax Board of Appellate Commission; and Abubakar Kamara as Board Member Millennium Challenge Corporation Unit.

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