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As notorious Adamu nabbed…

Violence looms over Kono

NOVEMBER  4, 2014   By Mohamed Massaquoi

Information reaching this medium has revealed that a group of disgruntled youth loyal to captured gang leader, Adamu Eze, are planning to again go on the rampage in the eastern district town of Kono.

Reports have it that Eze was arrested by community people in Koquoima, few miles outside Koidu, the headquarters of the diamond-rich district. He and his gang members are said to have been chased until they were captured last weekend. The notorious gang had on 21 October clashed with security men in Koidu, leading to an imposition of a 24 hour curfew in the entire Kono District.

“We know that there is no justice in Sierra Leone at the moment, but we will wait and see what will be the action of the police against our leader. We will continue to attack Kono until we see to it that there is justice,” one of the aggrieved youth disclosed to Concord Times in a telephone interview, adding that the pandemonium over Ebola cases in the volatile district had political undertones.

It is alleged that Eze incited some youth to throw missiles at police and health workers, which led to clashes between the police and youth, causing panic and mayhem in the township.

The incident reportedly sparked off after a convoy of police and members of the District Health Management Team visited the house of Eze at John Kellie Street to ascertain information that his mother had contracted the deadly Ebola virus and should be taken away to a treatment center.

Our sources in Kono stated that Eze and his gang prevented the officers and medics from entering the house as they threw missiles in their direction, which led to the police calling for reinforcement from the military.

Our sources further confirmed that the police fired teargas canisters to disperse the rampaging youth, but not before they (youth) had vandalized the Tankoro police station.

Only recently, police at the Tankoro Division arrested and transferred to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department in Freetown 11 people, among them Sia Sam Bayraytay, younger sister of vice president Samuel Sam-Sumana, and Councillor Kai Lawrence Mbayo of Ward 63.

Sources from Kono also stated that some 35 others, mostly children between the ages of 13 and 16, were among those arrested in a separate swoop on the streets of Koidu town while demanding the reopening of schools in the last week of October.

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