As Leone Stars host Ivory Coast in Abidjan…


Fans accuse SLFA of ‘match-fixing’

NOVEMBER  4, 2014 By Sahr Morris Jnr.

DISTURBING ... lots of match-fixing allegations in Madam Johansen’s administration
DISTURBING … lots of match-fixing allegations in Madam Johansen’s administration

As news emerged that the Sierra Leone national team, Leone Stars will host Ivory Coast in Abidjan in their next 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier, fans have expressed their dismay over the news with some accusing the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLAJ) of allegedly fixing matches.

With confirmation from the Ivorian Football Federation that the match will be played in Abidjan, some football fanatics are worried that another disappointing result awaits the nation.

A football fan John Bangura, in his post on the Facebook forum – “Update on Salone footballers…’ – opposed the decision for Sierra Leone to play its home matches on the opponents’ soil which, according to him, “give them the advantage over us”.

“We are not the only nation that is affected by this dangerous virus (Ebola), our sister nation of Guinea is also affected but they are playing their AFCON qualifying matches with not much problems because they have better-headed people that love football and think about flying their country’s flag higher. For us in Sierra Leone, it’s the opposite as we have corrupt, dishonest, selfish and bad-minded people that continue to divide the football family.”

He continued: “Playing our home matches away on the opponent’s ground is very funny and doubtful if they (football administrators) truly love Sierra Leone or the game, as all they seek is the jolly rides and the money that enters their pockets and accounts. They can do anything to achieve this. Playing your home matches on the opponent’s ground gives them all the advantage to win; and the possibility of match fixing is clear.”

Isha Johnson, a female football fan, accused the Football Association of match-fixing, claiming: “The Sierra Leone Football Association is involved in match fixing big time. We hosted DR Congo in Congo and we were beaten 2-0; Cameroon in Yaoundé [and] we played to a goalless draw; and now Ivory Coast in Abidjan. God will surely expose Madam Isha Johansen and her retired executive for selling our nation’s pride. I urge the players to give their best in the match.”

Ms. Johnson further claimed that the current FA is the worst in terms of administration and promoting the game.

She said: “This is the worst FA I have ever heard about. I thought Madam Isha Johansen and her executive would have made the difference, but they keep throwing our pride in the dustbin. The Ministry of Sports is a real mess, not the Football Association alone. Our government is seeing these two institutions destroying the beautiful game we love and yet no action is being taken.”