As he wins primaries… 


PEL Koroma to deliver Constituency 128 to SLPP

January 8, 2018 By Alusine Sesay

Pel Koroma addresses supporters at Old Skull in Freetown

Duly elected candidate to run for the parliamentary seat of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in Constituency 128 – covering Wilberforce, Hill Station, Signal Hill, part of New England Ville and Brook fields – has promised to deliver the entire constituency to the opposition party come March 7, 2018.

Pel Koroma, who is commonly called ‘Uncle Pel’ by a vast  majority of his admirers and supporters, contested against four aspirants and emerged winner in what many observers described as one of the most contested, credible, fair and transparent primaries, held in suburban Signal Hill in Freetown.

In all, 32 delegates voted in the primary, with Pel Koroma emerging the winner with 15 votes, followed by Benjaimin Turay who secured 13 votes, while Hindolo M. Moiwoh and Muniru Songo polled two votes each.

Despite the narrow margin, Pel Koroma happens to be the most popular candidate who enjoys enormous support among the voting population in the constituency.

“Uncle Pel is our choice and we would stand by him throughout the process and vote him in come 2018. We believe in him because he has the capacity to represent us well in Parliament. He has been with us in thick and thin and knows our problem,” said the jubilant supporters.

From signal Hill, Wilberforce, Hill Station to part of the New England Ville and Brookfields, the name ‘Uncle Pel’ is almost a household name as even kids in the vicinities could be heard easily pronouncing it with accustomed ease.

“I would deliver the constituency to the SLPP come 2018 because I have the needed support to do so,” he said.

Should he be elected Member of Parliament in the March 7 parliamentary election, Koroma said he would bridge the existing gap between political actors and the electorates as one of his numerous priorities.

As a grassroots politician, his support cuts across all tribes and traditional political boundaries and he is by no mistake the choice of the people. Pel Koroma has through the years consolidated his political stamina through humility, social interaction and philanthropy – providing services where and when needed.  Jubilant crowd of supporters chanted in Krio: ‘Rain cam san cam na Uncle Pel we want).

According to some political observers in the constituency, Pel Koroma has the potential to pull votes not only for himself but his presidential candidate, Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio.