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As he resigns from UDM

…SLPP Young Generation chairman blasts Mohamed Bangura

November 18, 2015 By Mohamed Massaquoi

As the mercurial former Chairman and Leader of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) finally tenders his letter of resignation from the party he formed less than five years ago, he has been lambasted by the Young Generation chairman of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party, Musa Peter Moigua, who has accused the former of ‘political manipulation’, thus calling for the intervention of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC).

In a letter dated 16 November, 2015, addressed to the secretary-general of his former party, Mohamed Bangura stated that: “I have been honored [sic] to serve with you as the leader of the United Democratic Movement Party for the past years,” adding “My decision to resign my esteemed position was not made lightly. It comes with a strong sense of loss that I must take my leave. I will always be indebted and thankful for the friendship and support that I have enjoyed over the years.”

But the SLPP Young Generation chairman reckons that Mr. Bangura has manipulated the political landscape of Sierra Leone to his advantage, adding that members of the public should be informed about the nefarious and manipulative  activities of the erstwhile leader of the UDM in favour of the ruling All Peoples Congress.

Moigua also took the PPRC, charged with regulating political parties, to task for their apparent failure to curb some of Bangura’s manipulative antics as putative leader of an independent political party.

“We are dismayed at the perpetual silence and inactive behaviour of the chairman of PPRC [retired Judge Emeric Tolla-Thompson] for the past years over the immoral conduct of Bangura as UDM leader,” he said, adding that Bangura was all over the place dancing and dining with the APC.

Few months ago, Bangura was seen dancing and jubilating outside the Law Court building in Freetown after the Supreme Court ruled against former Vice President, Chief Samuel Sam Sumana, that the president was right to sack him, although both men had been elected on the same ticket in 2012.

He was also seen in APC colours during a political rally ahead of Saturday, 14 November bye-elections in constituency 107.

Moigua said Bangura’s political playacting was inimical to the nascent democratic process in the country, as well as a violation of the PPRC Code of Conduct Article 14, and urged the leadership of PPRC to condemn him and to take punitive actions against his political party.

“We want to remind all registered political party officers to raise their voices over this attitude of Bangura; we also urge PPRC to remain neutral in this process as their activities deal with the democratic dispensation in Sierra Leone,” insisted Moigua.

To many avid political observers in Sierra Leone, Bangura’s resignation from the UDM and likely defection to the ruling party did not come as a surprise. He infamously announced his support for President Koroma’s second and final term bid in 2012 despite going through the nomination process.

He returned to Sierra Leone from Canada and joined the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) ahead of general elections in 2007. From relative obscurity, he attained political recognition while in the PMDC. He would abandon the party to form the UDM, which he has again ditched.

Meanwhile, some UDM members have accused him of undermining the party for personal aggrandizement, and a rumoured ministerial appointment.

“We know he was here to make money for himself and political connections. This is how people destroyed good political ideology. This is not good for Sierra Leone. Bangura is a bad example for young politicians in this country, I will be disappointed if President Koroma appoint him any position,” said Usman Kamara, who identified himself as a UDM member.

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