As gov’t reduces pump prices of fuel…


January 8, 2019

By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Government has yesterday announced a slight reduction in the pump prices of petroleum products with immediate effect, but the Executive Director of Native Consortium and Research Centre, Edmond Abu, expressed grave concern regarding the new price of diesel, which he said was not in agreement with the petrol.

“We welcome and congratulate the government on the reduction of fuel price, although we were expecting it to be part of President Julius Maada Bo’s New Year’s message. But, we have a problem with the price of diesel. You cannot have the price of diesel above that of petrol. To us, it is ridiculous and makes no sense,” he said.

In a press release signed by the government and oil marketers, petrol price moved from Le.8000 to Le.7000 per littre, whilst Diesel is now Le7, 500, Kerosene Le7, 600 and fuel oil is Le6,500.

While charging that he found it ridiculous for the price of diesel to be slightly above that of petrol, Edmond Abu urged government to ensure that the price should be the same-Le7000 per littre.

Native Consortium and Research Centre has been at the forefront in calling the government to ensure a reduction in the pump prices of petroleum products, among other issues affecting the daily lives of Sierra Leoneans.

According to Mr. Abu, they wrote a letter to the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa, at the end of December, 2018, reminding him about the reduction in the prices of petroleum products in the World Market.

He stated that since 2005, the country has been operating under a one unit price system after late President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah had harmonised all prices of petroleum products.

He continued that to have a price sequential now was not in place, thus calling on the government to look at it critically.

“In as much as we commend the government because they have listened to our cry, we want the price of diesel to be the same as patrol,” Mr. Abu urged.

Asked as to whether the reduction will have any impact on the transport fare and goods in the market, Mr. Abu said he was not sure of any immediate impact.

He commended the media for standing by them in propagating their stance on several issues.