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As Ebola kills 2 Police officers…

IG Munu warns citizens to obey the law

By Alusine Sesay

Inspector General of Police Francis Munu has sternly warned Sierra Leoneans to understand the current reality on the ground and obey the law for the safety of all.

Speaking on the ‘Good Morning Salone’ programme on FM 98.1 yesterday, Mr. Munu urged the public to take great care, noting that one can only contract the Ebola disease by direct human contact. He noted that the Ebola disease is a common enemy and that citizens should put their prejudices aside and fight to defeat it.

“We should first defeat our common enemy and then go back to our prejudices. We should all unite, put aside all our prejudices and fight against Ebola,” he urged.

According to the police chief, the state of emergency declared by President Ernest Bai Koroma as part of government’s response plan to ‘defeat’ the outbreak did not suspend the rights of citizens, but encouraged members of the public to accept reality and comply with the rules.

“We should realize that we are now living in abnormal situation and abnormal situation needs abnormal solution,” he said. “We should be obliged for the public interest. People should suspend their rights in the interest of the public.”

He said that all society needs now is discipline and to obey rules, as obedience is better than sacrifice. He opined that there is a drastic drop in the denial rate and that it is imperative on all to take responsibility and be accountable for our actions.

“The time for denial is over and we should now take responsibility and be accountable for the decisions we take,” he said and disclosed that two police officers have contracted the Ebola disease and that one of them got infected through his friend who is a medical practitioner. He however refused to name the officers.

He said they have provided protective gears for some of officers and that the duty of security officers is to restrict the movement of persons in quarantined locations, and not to have any contact with infected persons.

The Inspector General concluded by thanking those who are working hard amidst difficult circumstances, and noted that those who fail to go by the norm would have themselves to blame as law enforcement agents would do all within their power to ensure that the law is maintained.

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