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As Cuba reopens to the world, many of its own look to leave

For many Cubans, it is only the beginning of a long and often dangerous journey to the United States.

Throughout much of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cuba’s borders were closed, making international travel nearly impossible.

But as the island now reopens to the outside world and Cubans deal with worsening food and medical shortages, the impact of tougher US economic sanctions and the government’s own crackdown following unprecedented protests in July, scores say they are preparing to leave their homeland for good.

Amid the crowds outside the airline offices at Havana’s business center, a self-described “facilitator” named Sergio, who did not want to give his last name given the nature of the service he was providing, offered to use his contacts to help people cut the long lines in exchange for “a percentage” of the ticket price.

“Most of these people aren’t coming back,” Sergio told CNN,…

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