As baby Mustapha & mother undergo successful surgery…


Humanitarian activist calls for more support

June 20, 2018

By Victoria Saffa

Baby Mustapha and mother

Humanitarian activist and Programme Manager at Caritas, Ishmael Alfred Charles, has said in New Delhi, India, that Baby Mustapha Augustus Roberts and his mother Christpine Roberts are responding to treatment after a successful liver transplant.

Giving an update on Baby Mustapha’s health, Charles opined that at this time, social support and network is very crucial and that the recovery of baby Mustapha and mother will be contingent on social support, financial contributions and unending prayers from everyone.

“The jaundice eyes of baby Mustapha is gone and he is smiling and this is why we all did what we had to do to bring those infectious smiles back , but he is still at the liver and billary transplant ICU and his mother is also doing pretty well,” Charles stated.

He said the head doctor of the surgery, Professor Dr. Surbash Gupta, who is chief liver transplant and chairman of the Max Centre Liver and Billary Sciences Hospital Saket, told him he was grateful to God for the progress made so far on baby Mustapha and mother.

‘’This is a worthy adventure the country took in helping Baby Mustapha and his mother and I am therefore calling for more financial supports and prayers from everyone around the world,” he said.

In December 2017, Baby Mustapha Roberts was suffering with a disease called Baliaray Atrisia and since then the First Lady of Sierra Leone Madam Fatima Bio, together with well-wishers, humanitarian activist Ishmael Alfred Charles and Precious Amabel Lebbie, through her Facebook page led a campaign, calling on well-wishers through social media to help the sick baby.