As Baby Mustapha flies to India for Liver transplant…


First Lady thanks donors, well-wishers  

June 6, 2018

By Victoria Saffa

first lady
First Lady Fatima Bio sandwiched by Baby Mustapha’s mother Christphine and Ishmael Alfred Charles

Following the intervention of the First Lady Madam Fatima Bio and other well-wishers, including Mercury International, ten-month-old Baby Mustapha Augustus Roberts, who is suffering from biliary atresia disease, was yesterday flown to India for safe medical treatment.

It could be recalled that in December 2017, the toddler was diagnosed with biliary atresia. Since then, his mother and Ishmael Alfred Charles, Programme Manager at Caritas and Precious Amabel Lebbie – through her Facebook page – have been campaigning to well-wishers for the kid to access appropriate medical treatment overseas.

Speaking during a press briefing at her Juba Hill residence in Freetown, Fatima Bio told pressmen that the toddler’s mother, Christphine Daphne Robert, will offer part of her liver to save her baby’s life.

She thanked all well-wishers, especially Mercury International, for their support in saving the life of Baby Mustapha.

“As a First Lady, I don’t own a hospital but through my advocacy Sierra Leoneans and non-Sierra Leoneans have shown their support in helping the baby to get a safe surgery in India. I am praying that both the baby and the mother will be safe throughout the process,” she said.

Madam Bio assured that as ‘mother of the nation’, after the liver transplant, she would ensure that Baby Mustapha will be well taken care of.

In her statement, Baby Mustapha’s mother, Christphine Daphne Robert, thanked the First Lady and other well-wishers, especially Mercury International, AWOL-UK Branch, Alimu Barrie, among a host of others, for their tremendous support.

‘’My baby and I have gone through a lot, and I believe that the Lord will continue to protect both of us throughout the liver transplant. We are going to spend three months in India. I am going to offer half part of my liver to save my baby’s life and I am calling on Sierra Leoneans and non-Sierra Leoneans to pray for me and my baby,” she said.