As APC launches manifesto…


Samura Kamara pledges war on indiscipline, corruption

February 6, 2018 By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Dr. Samura Kamara addressed party members and supporters yesterday at Miatta Conference Centre

Presidential Candidate  for the ruling All Peoples Congress Party (APC) has stated in the party’s manifesto that, he would wage an all-out and decisive war on indiscipline and intensify the fight against corruption if elected president come March 7.

Dr. Samura Kamara was yesterday addressing party members and supporters during the launch of the APC manifesto at the Miata Conference Centre in Freetown, themed ‘Governing for the Grassroots’ (G4G).

He reiterated that he would wage war on lawlessness by robustly fighting the mentality of ‘orders from the above’ and intensify the fight against corruption and establishing ‘special courts’ to speedily hear and determine cases across the country.

“We will set up Special Rapid Response Courts that will adjudicate on land issues, small claims and other disputes that otherwise have created bottlenecks in the legal system,” he said .

The APC Presidential candidate pledged to support the work of the Law Reform Commission, Justice Sector Development Programme and other reform institutions to review the country’s laws, adding that his government would promote alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

The former Foreign Affairs Minister said that if elected president he would seek to build on the achievements of President Ernest Bai Koroma by ensuring policy continuity fundamental to consolidating and sustaining the gains the latter has made during his ten year tenure.

“Before the end of my first term as President of Sierra Leone, I will ensure that my government implements strategic interventions to support high impact, sustainable and inclusive development focused programmes that will continuously raise real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate,” Dr. Samura Kamara said, adding that his government would reduce annual average inflation, increase per capita income from US$600 to at least US$900.

The APC presidential candidate underscored that if elected president he would ensure that structural systems are instituted to place “our beloved Sierra Leone on course to a middle income country by 2035.”

“My administration will make long-term institutional planning, coordination and integration of the cornerstone of all public sector investments for a competitive economy that is capable of producing sustainable growth, jobs and shared benefits for all. The strategic interventions will include: diversifying the economy, increasing trade and wealth creation, improving international development cooperation, amongst others,” he said.

Dr. Samura Kamara said his government, in the next five years, would accelerate job creation programmes for youth, develop job programmes targeting graduates from universities and vocational institutions, creating Youth Investment Fund (YIF) to support innovation in entrepreneurship and technology, amongst others.

“We shall focus on the grassroots, ensuring their greater inclusion in the socio –economic and political life of the country in all our programmes and also through the following: promoting the inclusion of the common man and woman in the national insurance health scheme, specially targeting the common man and woman in financial inclusion schemes and enhancing the registration of lands and such other assets which may be collaterised for low interest loans and other financial inclusion schemes amongst others,” he added.

Campaign spokesperson of the APC, Alhaji Alpha Khan, said theirs was a social contract between the party and the people of Sierra Leone that will steer the way people will be governed.

The APC campaign spokesperson said he was proud of the legacies of the Ernest Bai Koroma’s government, adding that he was also proud of being part of the development stride of the country.

Deputy Chairman and leader of the party, Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray, said the party has done a lot of development in the country, stating that there were more women and youth in leadership position than ten years ago.

The deputy chairman said the party consulted with ordinary citizens during the drafting of the manifesto, which he described as the ‘peoples manifesto.’