As Airtel launches Bomba Modem…


Head of Enterprise says: ‘We cater for our valued customers’

August 21, 2015 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

As Sierra Leone’s leading mobile telecommunication provider, Airtel, officially launched their multipurpose ‘Bomba Moden’ yesterday, the Head of Enterprise and Business asserted that they care and cater for their valued customers across the country.

Ms. Rufina AdjivonTuckerwas speaking on behalf of Managing Director Sudipto Chowdhury, at the Airtel Shop on Rawdon Street in Freetown, during the launch of their internet product. She said Airtel is innovative as well as carters for every Sierra Leonean.

She said they had launched the ‘Bomba Browsing’ promotion and now the ‘Bomba Modem’, which can be used as modem and wi-fi, thus taking modern communication to the doorsteps of Sierra Leoneans.

Ms. Tucker said the Bomba Modem is the fastest and cheapest in town that can connect ten family members to the internet, while at the same time operating at high speed.

Manager, Data and Devices, Mohamed Kuyateh, said the product is special and that they are the first to introduce it in the market, thus the name ‘Bomba Modem.’

He said the two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand Leones multipurpose modem can be used anywhere – in offices, inside a car, at home – and that ten people can utilise it at the same time.

“One of most amazing thing is that when you buy the modem even as cheap as it is you will be given free 3.GB, and the other thing is that the internet is very fast; that can enable you to do whatever you want to do online,” said Kuyateh.

Just last Friday, Airtel Sierra Leone Manager Director, Sudipto Chowdhury led Minister of Information and Communication, Alhaji Alpha Khan, and Commissioner General of the National Telecommunications Commission, Momoh Konteh, to a conducted tour of their newly constructed US$10 million e-Data Base.

Airtel Africa is a subsidiary of Indian telecommunications company Bharti Airtel, which operates in seventeen countries across Africa.