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As 8-month-old pregnancy disappears…

Residents flee in fear

OCTOBER 16, 2014 By Victoria Saffa

Some residents of a compound at City Road, Kissy Mess Mess in the eastern part of the city have woken up to a mystery perhaps many will never experience in their entire life when Martha Kamara, who having been pregnant for eight months, awoke to found that her pregnancy had disappeared.

According to a relative, Mariama Kamara, who lives in the same house with the victim, when she got up late at night to use the restroom, to her amazement she saw Martha with no pregnancy.

“We went together inside the house that same night without Martha complaining about any stomach ache, nor did I hear her scream in the middle of the night,” she explained. “We are now scared in the house because our close neighbours are now rumouring that our sister is a witch and she went out to witch with her pregnancy and it got missing.”

The victim, who was sobbing uncontrollably, said she couldn’t imagine the mystery behind her disappeared pregnancy. She said she was sleeping when she was awoken by her sister’s scream and “I immediately got up from the bed with no pregnancy and everybody started calling me a witch, except for my sisters who were protecting me from other people.”

She said she had been feeling frequent stomach pains prior to the mysterious disappearance of the pregnancy, although the local midwife kept assuring her that the baby was okay.

She told Concord Times that she has reported the bizarre incident to the Kissy Police Division although the officers doubt whether they could successfully investigate the incident because “it is an evil matter”.

Some tenants have left the compound as many are fearful that the strange incident is indicative of something sinister in the crowded compound.

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