As 7 days of Genius celebration starts…


Innovate Salone says more innovators needed

March 13, 2017By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Programs Director of Innovate Salone has called for more young boys and girls to come onboard and serve as innovators, and in the process also serving as the country’s geniuses in their respective communities.

Mahmoud Javombo was speaking on Thursday (March 9) at the Africell American Corner at Bathurst Street in Freetown during the launch of the ‘7 days of Geniuses’ celebration and the sixth innovation competition.

The celebration is meant to showcase and celebrate the work done by young boys and girls who have been innovating things that would help change the status of people in communities and the country as a whole.

According to Mr. Javombo, they have been celebrating geniuses all across the global but this year’s celebration would be centered on the country’s national geniuses.

As an organization working assiduously to bring young innovators to the lamplight, he said it was their aim to ensure that they bring all the creative young minds, who are passionate about innovating the best together.

“Often when the name genius is mentioned, the first thing that came to our minds is extraordinary intelligence of skills. Like we celebrated our resilience and courageous mothers, wives sisters and aunts, we are celebrating our boys and girls who are active geniuses and are desperate to change communities for the best,” he said.

He reckoned that if Sierra Leone was to develop exponentially and within the shortest timeline, there was urgent need to find more creative minds passionate about innovating.

He explained that the competition, which is the sixth since 2012, would help in telling the stories about young people, who are very passionate to make the change of innovation.

Mr. Javombo urged those present and the general public to be part of the movement by sharing the message with young folks across the country and in the process encouraging them applying for the six innovation competition.