As 2023 heats up… Chief Thonkla promises 50% cabinet positions for women


For millennia we have known the strength, power, resilience and sensitivity of women. Throughout indigenous cultures around the world, this knowledge was harnessed, embraced and cultivated for the benefit of those societies, said Chief Thonkla, flagbearer aspirant for the All People’s Congress (APC) party.

With a legal background, Chief Alhaji Osman Thonkla Bangura is one of the leading aspirants for the flagbearer position of the APC. 

Speaking to Concord Times, Thonkla Bangura recalls that, centuries ago those with extreme European doctrines sought to travel the world and eradicate the cultures, knowledge, and beliefs of native peoples.

“But natural, truth and justice cannot be totally eradicated. As a result of the imbalance caused by the historic ignorance, around the world, we have seen demands for rebalancing everything from the end of industrial slavery, to the women’s right to vote, and even the modern civil and human rights movements,” he said.

He noted that Sierra Leone was born from the aspiration of that rebalancing and today “we must embrace this closer than ever before.

Chief Thonkla and his team have worked to build a platform that takes Sierra Leone into the future, where the country’s social sustainability flourishes from the roots of the lands, where the lessons of the past nurture growth, and where all people benefit from the fruits of that growth.

“In the hearts of every Sierra Leonean beats the knowledge and understanding that women bare a strength, resilience, compassion and capacity that is unmatched. Sierra Leone needs to release the productivity & creativity that has been wasted for generations,” he reiterated.

Chief Thonkla vows that he will not let the sleeping talents of women be wasted any longer, and Sierra Leoneans should no longer accept the attitude of gender based apartheid of their own people.

He noted that Sierra Leone’s rebirth will be rooted in the founding principles of Freedom, Justice, and Unity for all including women.

Chief Thonkla has committed to deliver 50% Cabinet positions, which he said will level up decades of gender disparities and releases the potential growth of the national economic activities across the country and reinforces the trust, understanding and belief in the people.

“Together we will end the failed attitudes buried in our past that have undermined the country’s founding principles. Together we will grow as a beacon of hope in the region, the continent and the world. Together we will achieve the promise of our National Foundation. Remember, no one builds the foundation of a great house to only place a tent,” he concluded.


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