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Arbitrary use of powers by the military…

Hundreds of residents to be left homeless in Kenema

November 4, 2019

Information gathered by this medium has revealed that the military led by one Colonel AS Bocakarie  is laying claim to a property acquired by  Gava Forestry Industry Corporation in the eastern district headquarter  town of Kenema.

The property in question was legally acquired by Gava Forest Industry Corporation in 2006, through the National Commission for Privation and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, who negotiated purchasing terms on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone.

Mohamed Saeed Bah is the Caretaker of the property housing hundreds of residents, who are awaiting possible eviction in the township of Kenema.

Bah told pressmen that the military at a certain occasion, with the backing of the current Residence Minister, East, told occupants to  leave the premise, because government wanted to use it for senior officers of the military brigade that was about to be established in that part of the country.

Meanwhile, the military had earlier informed pressmen that they would establish a brigade in the east, and that Colonel AS Bocakarie would be the acting commander of that brigade.

In the midst of all the controversy, lawyer representing the company has written a letter to the Ministry of Defense, stating clearly the ‘illegal behaviour of the military’ to ask residents out of the premise.

“I have been advised by my client that the conduct of these offirecs is not only illegal but borders on criminality as they quite clearly are in violation of the laws the country. With due respect to you,I believe these personnel should be reminded that Sierra Leone is a civilised democracy based on laws where the rule of law and constitutionality are held paramount and firmly enshrined in our law books. We have further advised our client s that they have causes of action against these military personnel and /or military establishment if they are claiming to be acting on behalf of the military,” the letter reads.

The letter, which was written by a solicitor of the High Court, Abdul Razaq Sidique, continued that Gava Forestry Industry Corporation shall commence legal proceedings in the Supreme Court and if necessary the Ecowas Court against the Colonel and the office of the Chief of Defense Staff, seeking redress for the client under inter alia the constitution of Sierra Leone Act No.6 of 1991.

Meanwhile, the hierarchy of the military could not be reached for their comment, but Concord Times would undertake further investigations into the issue.

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