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APC’s new constitution effective March 25

Alhaji H.Sani

The storm is finally getting over as members of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party have clearly seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

After four years of intra-party conflict relating to the nature of the previous 1995 constitution of the party, the final draft of the party’s constitution has been finally published in the Sierra Leone Gazette.

The Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), on Friday 11th 2021 March, informed the leadership, members and supporters of the party and the general public that, the final draft of the party’s constitution has been published in the Sierra Leone Gazette Vol. CXLXIII No. 13 of Monday 7th March 2022 for fourteen working days.

Immediately after the APC party lost the 2018 elections to the then opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party, most of the APC hierarchy  blamed their party’s defeat on their 1995 constitution, which they say was undemocratic in nature.

Hence, revolutionary and proxy groups like the National Reformation Movement (NRM), emerged from the party thus leading from one court case to another, just to have the old constitution changed and the defunct executive removed.

During the highly contested APC party presidential aspirant convention held in Makeni, Earnest Bai Korom, Chairman and Leader of the APC party who doubles as the country’s president by then, single handedly selected Dr. Samura M.W Kamara who was almost the least popular among the 27 candidates that aspired for the presidential  ticket under the APC.

Most of the party’s stakeholders, members and supporters were highly aggrieved with their chairman and leader’s decision, but there was no way to counter his decision because their party’s 1995 constitution provided for either election/selection of a presidential candidate.

At the height of the criticism against the former president by members of the party and some affiliate bodies like the NRM, the party formed a nine-man delegation committee to look into the causes of the party losing elections in 2018.

Among others, the sacking of Vice President Sam Sumana in March 2015, the party slogan “Tolongbo” and the selection of Dr. Samura were some of the reasons brought forth by the delegation for their party lost.

Finally, the PPRC publication of the draft constitution in the national gazette will end on the 24th March 2022 and the new constitution will be effective on 25th March.

With the new constitution, there will be a guarantee of having some tranquility in their party, and their immediate step will be an election of their flag bearer who will contest against President Bio in the 2023 elections. 

PPRC states that the draft now published shall be effective on the 25th March 2022, and become the extant operative Constitution of the Party, repealing and replacing its 5th December 1995 Constitution.

The Commission expressed appreciation to all well-meaning members and supporters of the party, the objectors and the general public, for the patience and understanding exhibited throughout the process.

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