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APC Thonklah promises 50% cabinet position for woman

March 10, 2021

Chief Alhaji Thonklah Bangura

One of the leading contenders for the flagbearer position of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) has told Concord Times that he would ensure 50% cabinet position for women, if elected flagbearer of the party and subsequently president of Sierra Leone come 2023.

Chief Alhaji Thonklah Bangura made the above promise as part of his observance of the International Women’s Day, March 8,2021.

“Maximum inclusion of women in governance would enhance development in the country. And my dream is to ensure that they maintain 50% cabinet position. Women should be at the epic of decision-making so that the least man in the least village across the country will experience development,” he said.

He noted that women have been sidelined for the past decades and reiterated that he would make sure that they are fully represented in governance, so that they would realise their full potentials for the betterment of all and sundry.

He observed that women play critical role in national development and that most of them are in the informal sector striving for their families to survive.

“I will make sure that I carve out a scheme for women in the informal sector to strive better in society. Women deserve better and I have the desire to make life better for them if elected flagbearer of the APC and subsequently president come 2023,” he vowed.

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