APC scribe responds to NRM…


‘You don’t change a constitution overnight’

September 19, 2018

By Alusine Sesay

APC Sec.-Gen. Alhaji Osman Yansaneh wants more time to reform

In the wake of calls by a dissatisfied youth group for radical reforms within the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), including the repeal of the party’s 1995 Constitution, Secretary-General Alhaji Osman Yansaneh has charged that the party has structures and that they cannot change their constitution overnight.

The National Reformation Movement (NRM) had in a presser last week called on the party’s hierarchy to embrace reforms within in order to present a formidable force in the 2023 polls.

The youth group, who claimed they conducted a survey right across the country to ascertain why the APC lost the 2018 presidential election, demanded a raft of reforms, not least the removal of the selection clause in the party’s constitution and separation of the title of flag-bearer from that of the Chairman and Leader of the party.

The youth group stated among others things that, the sacking of former Vice President Samuel Sam Sumana, the removal of Emmerson Sahr Lamina as Mayor of Koidu City, and mistreatment of many party stalwarts as some of the reasons the APC is now in opposition.

The fearless youth group also claimed that the APC hierarchy has refused to make public a report compiled by a nine man committee instituted by the party to ascertain reasons behind their defeat in the 2018 election.

Reacting to the demands of the youth group, Alhaji Yansaneh charged that the NRM has a hidden motive as “The [APC] party was never aware of a report compiled by them. We have not received any report from them and that means they never communicated to the party, but to the public. If you want a reform, you cannot do it outside the party, you have to be within to effect it.”

While NRM embers had claimed that they were denied access to the party’s conference room where they had planned to host the press conference and launch their report, he said, “We never received a notice from them to host a press conference at the party’s head office. All I received from them was an invitation to attend a meeting at SLAJ office.”

He disclosed that he had had several meetings with the NRM at the party’s office, adding that they were willing to listen to their concerns if they took the appropriate move, but cannot be outside the party and effect  the change they so desire.

Yansaneh dilated on the activities of the nine man committee set up by the party, stating that the committee was prevented from entry into Kono district by some irate youth, hence they could not conclude their work within the stipulated timeframe of six weeks.

He told Concord Times that the nine man committee was only able to conduct a survey in the south-east after the police provided them with security.

On the call to repeal the selection clause in the party’s constitution, the APC scribe noted that changing a constitution involves a process and that he cannot take unilateral decision as there should be consensus.

“The constitution is a sacred document and the process of repealing it is also constituted within the said document.Therfore, if you want a constitutional change, you must first write a proposal which the party would look into and if necessary approve it. But you cannot sit overnight and change a whole constitution,” he retorted.