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APC MP,3 others still incarcerated

July 22, 2021

By Jeneba A Conteh

During the previous sittings, the court adjourned to enable the lead defense counsel, Lansana  Dumbuya, to continue his cross examination.

Yesterday in his cross examination, Dumbuya  asked as to whether the witness was part of the ongoing investigation and also part of the team that started investigating the matter, the witness responded that he came two days after.

Lawyer Dumbuya put it to the witness that he was not aufait  with the ongoing investigations, but he replied that he was aufait with it.

He questioned the witness as to whether he read the statement and the charge statement of the 2nd accused person, the witness replied in the affirmative.

Lawyer Dumbuya asked as to whether the witness knew that his client was charged with conspiracy, the witness replied that the accused was charged with three counts.

Lawyer Dumbuya further put it to the witness that his client was not cautioned with regards to conspiracy and importation and the witness replied that he could not recall.

On his part, Lawyer MN Bitter representing the 3rd and 4th accused persons noted that the witness was the one who took statements from both accused persons, and he replied in the affirmative.

Lawyer Bitter said during the course of investigation the 3rd accused denied the allegations and noted that he was just an employee of United Investment Group.

He put it to the witness that the 3rd accused never partook in the loading of the container in the USA, and that his duty was to receive the goods after clearing and distribute them to their various ownership.

He further argued that his client never knew the shipper or the receiver of the items, but the witness disagreed.

The four accused persons were charged with illegal importation of arms and ammunition into Sierra Leone. They have been denied bail for the fourth consecutive times.

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