‘Anybody who ought not to be prosecuted will not be prosecuted’


-ACC boss assures

July 20, 2018 

By Ibrahim Tarawallie

ACC Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala

Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission yesterday assured that the commission would not prosecute anyone they ought not prosecute, but rather go after those that are involved in corrupt practices.

According to Francis Ben Kaifala, none of them at the commission would wake up one morning to go after people who have nothing to do with their investigations.

He was speaking in the conference room of the Freetown City Council (FCC) during the opening ceremony of a workshop for councilors on upholding ethics and integrity in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

“We have declared war against corruption and it is going to be fought. As we ended the rebel war, so we are going to reposition ourselves to also fight this war and end it. Nobody who ought not to be prosecuted will be prosecuted. It will never happen under my watch,” he said.

In order to ensure progress in the fight against corruption, Commissioner Kaifala revealed that the ACC would strengthen their investigative capacity and expand its scope, so that instances of corruption that come to their attention would be properly investigated and actions taken.

He called on the councilors and staff of FCC to join the fight against corruption so as to transform things in the country, as according to him, the country’s story has been replete with things not done properly or those that are given the mandate failed to do their work.

“I want all of us to be a one man statement of integrity after today. We are not doing it for ourselves but for others,” he added.

Mayor of Freetown City Council, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, spoke about council’s determination to build strictures that would ensure strong performance management.

She said council was thinking very strategically about how to address challenges, in a bid to transform the city.

“The gap between what we say and do should be closed by doing our work with integrity, and funds that come from residents and external partners are well utilised,” she said.

Mayor Aki-Sawyer noted that they would determine targets that are concrete and measurable within sectors of council and also break them down to be able to measure progress on a weekly basis for communication to the general public.

She assured the ACC of council’s readiness to work with them in the fight against corruption by ensuring integrity, transparency and accountability in whatever they do.