‘Any injunction at this material time is injustice’


…says Dr. Prince Harding

March 23, 2018 By Regina Pratt

Dr Prince Harding: postponement of Tuesday’s run-off will be unjust

Chairman and Leader of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Dr. Prince Harding, has said that any injunction slammed against conducting the presidential run-off election at this ‘material time would constitute injustice’.

He was speaking on Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation television ‘morning coffee’ on Thursday, March 22, while responding to Ibrahim Sorie  Koroma, a member of the ruling All Peoples Congress that has taken the National Electoral Commission, Chief Returning Officer and the Attorney General to court, seeking a controversial injunction to postpone the March 27 presidential run-off election.

“It is also a serious means of undermining the credibility of the National Electoral Commission,” said Dr. Harding, questioning the ‘Samaritarian posture’ taken by Ibrahim Sorie Koroma, a Freetown-based lawyer who had brought another ill-fated action against the electoral body following the voter registration.

Dr. Harding noted that this year’s election has already been stressful for Sierra Leoneans as the country is currently at a standstill.

He said NEC has positively replied to their letter dated 15th March, 2018 and that the latter has addressed ‘line by line’ some of the issues they raised, except for the tally centre.

Dr. Harding charged Lawyer Koroma on his failure to take similar action in 2007 when then NEC chairperson-cum-junior minister in the current administration, Dr. Christiana Thorpe, ‘illegally’ cancelled results in 477 polling stations, adding that the little known lawyer has an ulterior motive.

The SLPP Leader and Chairman appealed to the general public for a peaceful run-off, thus urging that the winner should be accepted as it happened in the 2007 election.

“NEC should be independent as they are protected by law to conduct credible, free and fair elections,” he said, adding that no ‘square minded or any high profile judge will accept all what Lawyer Sorie was asking for, especially an injunction which would be a recipe for chaos in the country’.