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Anxiety and anger grip press corps in Mexico after spate of murders

Journalists in Mexico are fed up.

In a country whose climate is infamous for being exceedingly hostile toward journalists, a spate of murders has disillusioned an already cynical press corps, prompting journalists to publicly speak out about the dangers they face on the job. Across the country, journalists and human rights advocates demonstrated on Tuesday night in favor of press freedom. They held signs that read “journalism at risk” and paid tribute to their fallen colleagues — those who have lost their lives for simply reporting the news.
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Just this month, three reporters have been killed in the Latin American country. Journalist Lourdes Maldonado López, who told Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2019 that she feared for her life, was shot to death inside her car on Sunday; photojournalist Alfonso Margarito Martínez Esquivel was shot in the head outside his home…

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