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Analysis: Geopolitical deconstruction hits APC strongholds

By Sao Nyakoi

The APC’S political Sun, having been on the rise since 1960, dampened only by infrequent periods of military interregnum in the intervening years, is now speeding West, at a velocity, so far unprecedented in the recorded history of the formation or demise of political parties in the Sub-region, South of the Sahara, or, even, North of the Equator, thanks in no small measure, to the political wits, tactics and strategies of His Excellency, the President, Julius Maada Bio. No doubt, it is being driven West by the speeding locomotive of the New Direction! Destinations: Kambia and Port Loko! No Parking! No Waiting!

Today, whether she admits it or not, the APC feels truly menaced, not by any show of violence or intimidation, being its very own political weapon of choice, but by the strategies and tactics of decent politics, as evinced by the SLPP. And, for a power to feel truly menaced, it must somehow, sense itself in the presence of another power or energy it can neither define, nor control. For the APC, that power is the SLPP; that power is Maada Bio and that power is the citizenry!

Since suffering defeat in the country’s first Post-Independence democratic general elections in 1962, the satanic and demonic profundity of the APC started to gather momentum, with the singular objective of attaining power by any means necessary. Fortunately for them, successive SLPP Administrations had displayed a timid half-hearted disposition towards this desperate lust for power, allowing the APC, far more than their Constitutional mandate at Fort Thorton!

Still, the most unprecedented stride the SLPP is making under this President that should not go unnoticed for the good of the Party, has not only to do with electoral victory, but everything to do with the establishment of a solid foundation of the Party across the nation in line with the Party’s nationalistic philosophy of total inclusion, as expressed in the Slogan “ONE COUNTRY, ONE PEOPLE”! This stride is effectively and permanently deconstructing the deceptive and divisive geopolitical arrangement, engineered by the APC, that painted the North and the West as APC Strongholds and the Southeast, as SLPP Strongholds, converting geopolitical boundaries into tribal boundaries, robbing the citizenry of any sense of patriotism or, even a sense of national unity to facilitate nation building.

Finally, thanks to Maada Bio, the Red house is on fire, burning as the beaten men come into their own. The ghosts of Northerners like the late Chief Yumkella, Chief Dura, Chief Alikali Modu, Chief Bai Koblo Queen,  Pa Hadj Conteh, etc, all must be moaning, groaning and wincing in their graves, with total excitement at the progress their brainchild, the SLPP is making in the North, their homeland. And, these Ghosts, I’m sure, Must Give a Damn!

Case Stated.

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