Aminata Petroleum ships in 5000 metric tons of gasoline to address fuel crisis


Freetown, Sierra Leone, May 23, 2024 – In a decisive move, Aminata Petroleum has airlifted 5,000 metric tons of gasoline to Sierra Leone, aiming to tackle the pressing fuel crisis in the nation.

Mohammad Turay, the Chief Executive Officer of Aminata & Sons (SL) Limited in Sierra Leone, revealed to journalists on Thursday, May 23, at the company’s head office in Clinetown, Freetown, that they have brought in over 5,000 metric tons of gasoline (petrol) to address the looming fuel shortage in the country. “This is a critical moment, and we are stepping up to address the situation in order to alleviate the suffering of Sierra Leoneans,” says Turay. He added that his company is not doing this for profit, but to address the needs of the people of Sierra Leone, which is why they are in business to serve. Turay noted that this is not the first time they have intervened in crisis periods, as their parent company in Liberia has done so on numerous occasions for the people of Liberia.

Furthermore, Turay stated that his company is expecting another 4,000 metric tons of diesel at the MT Meronas port before the weekend to continue salvaging the fuel crisis in the country. “At Aminata, we are here to stay and make our suppliers happy with premium petroleum products,” said Turay. He extended his appreciation to regulators in the petroleum industry for creating a competitive business atmosphere in Sierra Leone and providing a fair ground for foreign investment to thrive.

Aminata & Sons (SL) Limited is committed to delivering high-quality petroleum services to the people of Sierra Leone. The company is primarily involved in the importation, distribution, and sales of petroleum products on the Liberian market
and now in Sierra Leone. Aminata caters to the petroleum products needs of private individuals, government agencies, non-governmental agencies, multinational firms, and other companies across their business operations.


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