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Amidst public speculation of a cold war…

VP Sumana backs President Koroma in Ebola fight

NOVEMBER  4, 2014 By Alusine Sesay

Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana has called on Sierra Leoneans to complement the effort of President Koroma in the fight against the dreaded Ebola virus in the country, noting that “there is hope for the future”.

With wide public speculation that both men were not in cordial terms, VP Sam-Sumana, while being host last Saturday by David Tam-Baryoh on the Monologue program, laid to rest talks of a cold war between him and his boss.

In his usual articulacy, the vice president noted thus: “When there was a civil war in Sierra Leone, everybody came onboard and got rid of it. Under the leadership of President Koroma, the country’s economy started growing but the challenge we are faced with today has affected it greatly. We were able to stabilize HIV in the country and if we all come onboard and support the president in the fight against Ebola, this [epidemic] will soon be a thing of the past.”

He observed that the country was not prepared for an epidemic like Ebola and that since life continues to be difficult as a result of such challenge, all should join hands with the president to make Ebola a thing of the past.

He noted that the Ebola outbreak is not a challenge for Sierra Leone alone, but for the entire world, adding that people are now afraid to visit the country while Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora are being ostracised, which he said was unfair.

Vice President Sumana reiterated that people were not educated on the dangers of Ebola and that despite help from the international community, all Sierra Leoneans have a responsibility to educate their various communities about the deadly virus.

He commended the country’s leadership, the National Ebola Response Centre, the international community and all donor partners for their tremendous support to the fight against the disease.

He further reiterated that all should put political and regional biases behind and join hands with the president to fight against what he described as a “common enemy”.

Moreover, VP Sumana sympathised with bereaved families of Ebola victims, and admonished traditional healers to avoid practices that might compromise efforts to eradicate the disease, such as ensuring that sick persons are taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. He also called on the public to avoid body contact and keep safe from contracting the virus.

He thanked local contributors and corporate bodies for their helping hand in the fight against the disease, concluding on a positive note that: “We know there is hope for the future with collective effort. Let us continue to educate our communities and report any suspected cases and Sierra Leone will be safe again.”

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