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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Americans have rushed to rescue Ukrainian orphans.

The 9-year-old boy who Scooter Brown and his wife, Vicki, had started the process of adopting was among those hiding in the basement of an orphanage in central Ukraine as three Russian missiles soared overhead and slammed into a Ukrainian military base about 60 miles away.

After that episode, the Browns took matters into their own hands.

Brown, a burly and bearded former Marine who fought on the front lines of Iraq in 2003 and whose namesake band has produced songs with titles such as “Guitars, Guns, and Whiskey” and “Wine Drunk,” convinced a “special forces buddy” to join him overseas. They worked with a small Nashville organization run by another military veteran in an attempt to rescue the Browns’ future adoptee and a handful of other kids; Brown’s wife arrived later to provide additional support.

What followed was an erratic chain of events that started with Brown and his friend…

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