Ambassador Omrie Golley Set to Introduce New Agriculture Initiative in Sierra Leone


In a series of ceremonies between the 8-14 November 2022, Sierra Leone’s former Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, initiated the construction of agric-education centres in different parts of the country.

Ambassador Omrie Golley is the CEO of the Golley Agriculture Development Company which aims at introducing a new agricultural system based on drip irrigation technology, perfected in Israel,  to enable crop production continuously throughout the year, instead of seasonally.

The four agric centers are already being constructed in Port Loko City in the Northwestern Region, Bumbuna Town in the Northern Region, Gelehun Town in Bo District Southern Region, and Belabu Town Kenema City Eastern Region.

The 4 locations have been carefully selected to serve as demonstration centres of people of the 4 provincial regions of Sierra Leone.

The purpose of the Agric-Education Centre, is to train local student farmers in the latest agriculture technology, including the use of the drip irrigation.

At the end of the training the beneficiaries would be able to create and manage efficiently local farms.

The vision and direction of this project is for each trainee to be capable of functioning both individually and as a member of a team, and will be skilled in agricultural activities such as planning, growing, storing, and distributing agricultural products to domestic markets. The trainees will also learn how to run agricultural projects as economic and profitable businesses through the use of modern agricultural technologies and management systems, thus increasing production and quality, and reducing costs.

In very colourful and joyful ceremonies across the four regions, Ambassador Golley was feted by the people for bringing in Israeli technology to advance food sufficiency and security as well as an opportunity for export.

The programmes in each of the locations ended with great fanfare and celebration with the traditional ‘Matoma’ in Bumbuna, Gomboi in Kenema, Ngongor-bee in Bo City, and Bondo women in Port Loko City.


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