Ambassador Kanneh refutes media claim


February 10, 2020

Ambasador Kanneh says his duty is to encourage investors and not to dupe them

Special Envoy and Ambassador -at -Large to the Middle East and Asia, Ambassador Hamid Ahamed Kanneh, has refuted media claim purporting that he used the Office of the President at State House and New Direction administration to secure loan and to dupe a Libanese businessman, proprietor of Taleb Auto Spares.

“I had private transaction with Taleb and never used the name of State House or New Direction to enter into business with him. I am a man with repute, having worked in Asia and other parts of the world. I sacrificed everything to serve the people of this country with all my heart.I am doing everything humanly possible to attract investors from Asia and Middle East, so how can I dupe a businessman,” he said.

While it is alleged by one of the local media outlets that Ambassador Kanneh owed the Libanese businessman Le 113 Million, he said “It is a blatant lie that I owe him that money. I owe him not even up to 50% of what he is claiming. I am sure this man is not asking for his money but trying to tarnish my hard earned reputation. Why shouldn’t he have taken me to court if I owe him that money?  There is no receipt to ascertain his claim that I owe him that amount of money.”

“We went into a business agreement and I have started paying him, but taking me to the media means he is up to something,” said Ambassador Kanneh.

Before being appointed as ambassador by President Julius Maada Bio,Ambassador Kanneh has been very much instrumental to the country.He was helping those in need and placing Sierra Leone to the highest esteem in his capacity as a senior citizen.