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Alpha Khan calls on APC to conduct soul search

By Alfred Koroma

Ahead of the 2023 presidential elections, former Information Minister under the All People’s Congress (APC) led-government and current Minister of North-West Region, Alhaji Alpha Khan, has called on the opposition APC to conduct a soul search and amend their wounds.

Alhaji Kanu said the above while speaking as a guest at the popular ‘Good Morning Salone’ programme of Radio Democracy 98.1.

‘’If APC say I disappoint them, let them search themselves. Let them search their soul what they did,” he said.’’

In an angry tone, Alpha Khan made the statement while recalling the vibrant role he played in the 2007 APC State House victory.

 Hon Khan said he contributed 250 thousand United States Dollars for the party to run the 2007 elections, adding that in 2008; he spent another 150 thousand dollars for the then newly elected party to run the local government election. “I committed myself, my life for us to succeed,” he said,

 He served in various cabinet positions in the then regime until the party was voted out of office in 2018. But Khan’s relationship with his party became blurred after the 2018 elections when he decided to dance to the tune of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP). His intimacy with the SLPP after the election left him ostracized by the party he served for years as cabinet minister.

 Speaking on Radio Democracy, Hon. Khan said APC has removed him as publicity secretary and  that he was surprised at the way he was ostracized by the party.

Alpha Khan who is serving as Resident Minister for North-West Region under the Bio administration has intimated his readiness to work for the New Direction administration and even to the point of joining their campaign team for the 2023 presidential election.

While emphasizing on how his involvement in the SLPP campaign team will disadvantage APC, he said he will join the SLPP campaign team if called upon by the party,

“If SLPP ask me to join the campaign team and I believe I’m able I will join them. My brothers know when I handle the ball nobody will stop me. Anywhere I compete with them, I will not be the looser. They know me and I know them. I know their weaknesses. And they know my strength,’’ he said.

Mr. Khan’s calling on the APC to search itself could be regarded as timely as the party has been largely embattled after losing the last presidential election. The party has faced series of litigations with the Government and with members of the party, challenging party decisions in court.

The problem of APC started at the 2017 convention in Makeni when former President Koroma, who until now tenaciously remains the party’s chairman and leader, authoritatively hand-picked Samura Kamara as flagbearer at the expense of other candidates, who had preferred election. Critics say the former President’s  unilateral action to select Sumura Kamara instead of allowing delegates to elect candidate of their choice, left many party members bitter and largely contributed to the party’s failure to win the last presidential election. 

Senior members of the party, including Victor Bockarie Foh, who served as appointed Vice President while the party was in governance, have come out publicly speaking against the party.  

Alpha Khan, who  nick-named himself the apprentice to depict his loyalty in serving the party under the Ernest Koroma’s regime has also gradually moved out of the party.

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