Alleged murderer remanded


By Blessing C. Cole

Foday Alimammy Yillah has yesterday been remanded to the Male Correctional Centre at Pademba Road by Justice Cosmotina Jerret presiding at the Siaka Steven Street High Court for alleged murder.

The accused person was before the court on one count of murder contrary to law.

It was alleged that the accused person on the 15 April, 2021, in Freetown, murdered one Alpha Kargbo.

Testifying in court, John Francis Bangura, a former police officer, said on the 1st April, 2021, himself together with the accused, Festus and Abdul Sesay, went to survey a land at Hastings.

He said Abdul Sesay drove the car they used to go to the place after meeting with the buyer of the said land.

He testified that as the work was on-going they saw two young men approaching them and the one was taking pictures and video of them, while the one was looking around the land.

He said when they asked the guys as to why they were taking pictures of them, both of them denied it.

He said they asked the accused person to search them and found the pictures and videos with them, adding that after 9 minutes they saw another car with seven young men parked in front of them.

He said the youth started abusing them, and even fought the police officer, who positioned his gun in an operational order.

He added that he went to the deceased for him to calm down his boys, but that one of them noted that they shouldn’t adhere and threatened to kill an officer or burnt their police car.

He said the accused person decided to video the seven young men as evidence and at that point he asked the surveyors to stop the work because of the situation.

He further said the accused person and the deceased were fighting over the gun when it finally exploded and killed deceased.

After the testimony of the witness, he was cross examined by Lawyer D. Koroma on behalf of the accused person.

However, the matter was adjourned to Tuesday 6, September 2023 for further hearing.


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