Alleged murderer committed to High Court for proper trial


By Yusufu S. Bangura

Twenty-two-year-old alleged murderer, Mohamed Tejan Kanteh, has been committed to the High Court by Magistrate Sahr Kekura of Ross Road Court No.1 for allegedly killing Victor Kargbo.  

It was alleged that the accused on Wednesday, 27th April, 2022, in Freetown, murdered Victor Kargbo.

Delivering his ruling after the prosecution closed its case, Magistrate Kekura said the accused was arraigned on a count charge of murder.

He said the charge was read and explained to the accused, but that he was refused taking plea because the matter was in a preliminary investigation stage.

Giving brief fact about the said matter, Magistrate Kekura said during the preliminary investigation, the prosecution called three witnesses to testify in respect of the matter.

He said it was his duty to look into the evidence adduced before him and decide whether or not the matter should be committed to the High Court.

The learned Magistrate said  looking at the evidence adduced in its entirety before him, together with the confessional statement made by the accused during investigation, he was certain that the prosecution has adduced sufficient proof to commit the matter to the High Court.

Touching on the case file, Magistrate Kekura said the accused in his statement to the police the accused confessed that he indeed killed the deceased after they had a brawl.

He said the accused explained how he stabbed the deceased with a bottle before they were separated.

Guiding him as to how he would want to carry out his case at the High Court, the accused said he would open his defense at the High Court and explain what transpired between him and the deceased.

The death certificate tendered in court indicated that the deceased died of haemorrhagic shock and blasting of sharp object in the neck.

However, Magistrate Kekura committed the matter to High Court for proper trial and ordered that the accused should be remanded in custody until the commencement of the matter at the High Court.


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