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 Alleged impregnation of 16-year-old girl

Dr. Sho-Sawyer speaks out

May 3, 2019

Dr. Sho-Sawyer says all said about him constitutes malice

While Concord Times could not initially reached him for his reaction on the alleged impregnation of a 16-year-old, Dr.Sho-Sawyer has yesterday finally responded through his WhatsApp line from abroad, stating that “I am reaching out to you this morning that they are using you to blackmail me.Prince Lake is using you out of malice and family feud to try to destroy me.”

According to interviews conducted by Concord Times with family members, the seeming case of alleged impregnation of the 16-year-old girl has turned out to be a case of land and property disputes between Dr. Sho-Sawyer and Prince Lake-member of the Lake Family.

But Prince Lake noted that the issue has nothing to do with property dispute and that “I am here to secure justice for the victim and nothing else. I have no malice against him.”

Prince Lake had earlier rushed into Concord Times office with the allegation against Sho-Sayer, but the latter had denied and opted for a DNA test to be conducted in Ghana.

However, Sho-Sawyer told Concord Times that he travelled out of the country on a business trip and not for the allegation meted against him, stating that he is ready to willingly give himself up to the police whenever he arrives in Freetown and defend himself.

Meanwhile, evidence shown to this press indicates that the Lake family provided land to Dr. Sho-Sawyer to develop in Sierra Leone and Liberia, which is said to have been the cause of the bitterness.

In light of this new information, Concord Times did several interviews with witnesses and family members who have provided enough information that the allegations made by Prince Lake was over land disputes with the intention to tarnish the reputation of the former Member of Parliament, Dr. Sho-Sawyer.

Speaking to the mother of Prince Lake, Omoh Lake, she stated in the interview that her son deliberately decided to blackmail Dr. Sho Sawyer because they had decided to entrust the former Member of Parliament with the development and protection of their properties which Prince Lake is said to have been fighting his siblings for over the years.

Madam Lake revealed further that since her grandmother assisted Dr. Sho-Sawyer in a joint venture to lease one of the family properties, Prince Lake and another family member started attacking Dr. Sho-Sawyer and had continued to fight him including hiring thugs to disrupt his venture into developing one of the lands.

“What has left the family so surprised is the statement made by Prince that he has disowned his mother and sisters and will continue to fight them just because they have refused to bend to his wishes”, stated one family member.

The family has reiterated to this media that they are willing to publicly apologise to Dr. Sho Sawyer. They also stated that they are prepared for any public interviews on the allegations made by their brother.

On the issue of family feud, Prince Lake admitted that their family is currently divided on the issue of the pregnant girl, adding that his mother is defending not Sho- Sawyer but the All People’s Congress (APC) party.

 “I cannot blackmail him. I have no knowledge about any family property or land that has been handed over to him. All I know is that at 9 Victoria Street where I currently reside, I spoke with my niece,Miatta Charles, who is Sho-Sayer’s fiancée, for me to construct a bungalow on the piece of land situated at the back yard. I was sending money to Miata for the project and she connived with Sho Sawyer to steal my money,” he said.

“I have issue with my mother because she has taken sides in the matter. She is defending the APC and not Sho-Sawyer,” he said.

For the piece of land at Victoria Street, where he constructed his house, he said a lawyer friend had advised him to secure a conveyance for it in his name since it was a family property. He added that he entrusted in Sho-Sawyer with him the service to hire him a surveyor to survey the said piece of land, but that the former refused to provide him original copy of the conveyance after the process.

“I again paid money and later secured original document for the land. The land has nothing to do with this matter as it is now mine. I have all documents for it, so I have no reason to blackmail him for that,” he said.

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