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Alleged impregnation of 16 year- old by former APC MP: Family member writes First Lady

May 27, 2019

Hon.Dr.Sho-Sawyer, come out and prove your innocence

                                                                                 Cries Unheard

Dear Madam First Lady,

I am seeking justice for a relative of mine 16 year old Elizabeth Kanu (pseudonym name)

She is a victim of rape who became impregnated by her assailant Michel Sho Sawyer former Member of Parliament APC affiliate.

She is still traumatized and very fearful of the people that were supposed to protect her. They want to deny or minimize the assault especially since her perpetrator is dating her guardian and was an influential Member of Parliament.

Instead of focusing on the sexual nature of the crime, they’re focusing on power and control

She’s crying out for help and has gathered some HOPE that she will be heard by you and everyone in the community.

We are begging you to keep this man out of her life and in custody/jail where he belongs.

Please protect Elizabeth Kanu and her baby, remand this sexual predator to the maximum sentence in jail that he deserves and give Elizabeth and her baby the time and freedom to begin to glimpse a normal life again.

Madam First Lady, I want to assure you that this has nothing to do with tribe or political affiliation. It is a case of moral and ethics, by taking action for the crime that has been unjustly committed against this innocent girl.  I will ask that you used the power of your office to bring this “Fugitive” to Justice.

The innocent don’t run only the guilty are afraid.

 We are seeking out your help Madam First Lady so that this despicable crime will not go unpunished.

Thank you for helping these Pedofile”hands off our girls” This will let the people know that this does not only apply to the poor but to the rich and powerful.

Prince Lake

20074  Mattingly Terr.

Gaithersburg MD 20879



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