Alleged fake Herbalist remanded for Rape


 February 15, 2018 By Memunatu Bangura

Fifty-five year old alleged fake herbalist, Charlie Cole and his close ally, Abdul Karim Samura, have been sent on remand at the Male Correctional Centre by Magistrate Abdul Sherriff, presiding at the Siaka Steven Street court No. 7.

Both accused persons were before the court on three counts of conspiracy, rape and voyeurism, contrary to the Sexual Offences Act of 2012.

Police alleges that   both accused persons on a date between Friday 12th and Sunday 14th January, 2018, at White Pole, off Wilkinson Road in Freetown, conspired with other persons to commit a felony.

It was also alleged that Charlie Cole on 12th and 14th January, 2018, at White Pole-off Wilkinson Road, had a sexual intercourse with a lady without her consent.

Police also alleges that both accused persons on the aforementioned date and place, engaged in private sexual intercourse with the intention that the accused person and others would look on for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Testifying in court, the victim recognised the first accused while she described the second accused person as her ex-fiancé, stating that on the date of the incident, her mother sent her to buy some fish when she met the first accused person at Smart Farm junction.

She said the first accused person introduced himself as an herbalist and advised her to always have garlic in her possession because her aunt had inflicted bad luck on her.

The victim continued that the first accused started predicting to her and later asked her to follow him to his residence at White Pole, where he could do the other predictions.

According to her, when they arrived at the residence of the first accused person, they met her ex-boyfriend (the second accused person) at the same premise.

“The second accused person later left the room and went away,” she said.

The victim explained that the first accused person then closed the door and displayed to her a white paper, wrapped with red thread containing three cowries, which he said represented blood, flesh and sperm, and that she could choose one in order to wash away the bad luck.

“I chose sperm and he told me that we should have sex to complete the ceremony and I agreed,” she told the court.

She further explained that the accused had sexual intercourse with her twice and that she complained being tired after the two rounds.

She added that the first accused person asked her to give him her mobile phone, plus thirty thousand Leones in return for the remaining one round of sex.

According to her, while the first accused person was having sex with her, he was also using his mobile phone to video the action, stating that it was a way of driving the evil spirit away from the victim.

“After the first accused finished with me, I went home and reported the matter to my mother who also told our pastor that advised us to report the matter to the police,” he stated.

The victim said while on their way to the police station, the second accused person called and told her that he had a sex video of her and threatened to share it on social media, if she refused to have sex with him.

She stated that she alerted the police and went to the second accused person’s residence, where he was arrested.
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The accused persons were represented by Lawyer C.F. Edwards and D. K. Edwards.

Lawyer C. F Edwards pleaded with the Bench to grant the accused persons bail while police prosecutor, ASP May objected to the application on the grounds that the offences were serious.

The matter was adjourned for prosecution to continue its case.