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Ali’s Superior Knowledge – (Part Two)

January 27, 2015 By Sheikh Ahmad Tejan Sillah

In this edition Sheikh Ahmad Tejan Sillah continues his expose on Imam Ali the Holy Prophet’s cousin who was a man of exemplary qualities and intelligence and a role model for mankind. Through in-depth research and analytical approach, he details reasons why History and mankind regards Ali as unique.

The messenger of Allah (Prophet Muhammad) said, ‘Ali is the most competent among you in relation to judgment.’

Evidently, passing a fair judgment requires an in-depth knowledge and full faith since Ali was the most competent and qualified, his knowledge too was certainty above all. Bayhagi quoted Ali as having said: The Holy Prophet (A.S) gave me the mission to set out to Yemen for passing judgment among them. Being surprised by the order and its reference to me, I said. ‘O messenger of Allah, do you assign me a judge while am still too young not knowing the principles of judgment? The Holy Prophet (S.A) put his hand on my chest, prayed for me and said, ‘O Lord! Guide his hair, make his tongue steadfast in telling the truth”. Ali said, “By the God who cleaves a grain in the Earth, after this prayer, I did not pass any judgment between two persons in which there was a bit of doubt”.

Nasai, in his book of Sahih, and Ahmad ibn Hanbal, in Musnad, have reported Ali as saying: “When the messenger of Allah sent me to Yemen for judgment among people and I was very young, I said to the messenger of Allah: you are sending me to people among whom there are many differences and hostilities in relation to legal problems and I do not have experience in passing legal judgment”. The Holy Prophet (S.A) said: “the truth and will keep your heart steadfast so that you will judge among people without having any doubt”.

Fourth: Salman Farsi reports, “the Holy Prophet (S.A) has said: the most knowledgeable among my Ummah After me will be Ali ibn Abi-Talib”.

Fifth: The eloquent of Khawarizm and Abu-llah ibn Mas’ud have reported the Holy Prophet (S.A) as saying: “wisdom has been divided into ten parts, none of the parts of which have been given to Ali and the people have been given just one part of it”.

Sixth: Tirmidhi has quoted the Holy Prophet as saying: I am the city of knowledge Ali is its gate. Baghawi in Sihah has reported the Holy prophet (S.A) as saying: “I am a collection of wisdom and Ali is the gate of it”.

Abbas has quoted the Holy Prophet (S.A) as saying, “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gate thereof. Therefore, anyone who wishes to enter it should go through its gate”. Khawarizmi has quoted Ibn Abbas on the authority of the Holy prophet as saying: I am the city of wisdom and  Ali is the gate thereof. Therefore, whoever longs for wisdom should enter the city through its gate.

Seventh: Baghawi, in Sihah, has quoted Abil-Hamra’ on the authority of the Holy Prophet as saying: “whoever wishes to understand about the Holy prophet (S.A) as saying! ‘Whoever to understand about knowledge of Adam, the perception of Noah, the piety of John, and the power of Moses, should look at Ali, for he has all the virtues of these men altogether”.

Bayhagi has reported that the Holy Prophet (S.A) said:  whoever  wishes  to find out about  Adam’s knowledge , Noah’s piety, Abraham’s friendliness, Moses’ power and Jesus worship  should look at Ali for he has all these virtues”.“Moses power and Jesus worship should look at Ali for he has all these virtues.

In the book of Al-managib, the following is recorded: “Hearith A war Hamadni has reported that the Holy Prophet who was among his companions says: ‘I will soon show you Adam in his knowledge, Noah in his insight and Abraham in his friendliness”. At this time, Ali joined the Holy Prophet’s companions. Abu Bakr who was present said: “O messenger of Allah! You have compared a man with three prophets, happy will be this man. Now let us knew who this man is”.

The Holy Prophet (S.A) asked: “Do you not know him?” Abu Bakr replied: “No, messenger of Allah, for his messenger knows better”. The Holy Prophet (S.A) said: “that man is Ali ibn Abi-Talib”.

Turning approvingly to Ali, Abu-Bakr said: “May you enjoy these virtues. O Abul-Hassan, is there anyone like you who has such a high position?” Ali has also been quoted as saying: “By God, no single verse of the Quran was revealed whose occasion and place of revelation I did not know virtually. God Almighty has blessed me with an intelligent and knowing heart, and a guidance-seeking and asking tongue”.

Abd Al-Rahman Salmi is reported as saying: “By God, in the Quraysh tribe, I did not find anyone as knowledgeable as Ali in relation to the Holy Quran”.

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