Alie Kabba opens defense in his bigamy case


February 8, 2017 By Regina Pratt

After one month adjournment, Alie kabba yesterday opened his defense in the High Court presided over by Justice Miatta Samba.

The Sierra Leone Peoples Party flagbearer aspirant, Alie Kabba, was sued to court in December, 2015 by  the current Minister of Lands and Country Planning, Diana Konomanyi on allegations of Bigamy, and Perjury contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

Kabba, who took the witness box informed the court that he was the petitioner in the divorce case heard in Chicago between him and his former wife, Edith Cline Kabbah.

Led in evidence by lead counsel, Lawyer Ben Kaifala, Kabbah told the court that as a result of their differences and the advice from his lawyer, he decided to divorce his former wife in 2010, adding that he was advised by his lawyer to dissolve the marriage, which was done from 2011 to 2013.

He told the judge that he attended the court sittings in Chicago most of the time except when he would have to travel out of the state.

“I first met Diana Finda Konomanyi when I was at FBC while she was attending the YWCA and we lost contact for over 26 years,” he said, noting that they were united again in June, 2013 towards the tail end of his divorce case in Chicago.

He said the issues surrounding the divorce case between him and Edith to leave apart as an irreversible difference has been established by the court in Chicago.

 “The only issue that the court has not decided was custody of the children, transfer of house deeds, maintenance and alimony,” he said, adding that everything that has to do with court sitting was with those aforementioned issues and not the marriage case.

He said after their meeting in June he returned to Sierra Leone and the discussion between them was that Diana wanted to settle at her matrimonial home.

He added that Diana asked for wedding in October, 2013 which was her birthday month and he agreed before he left for the US.

“When I returned from the US, I received text messages from anonymous testers and shared those messages with her. She mentioned some names as those responsible for the said messages,” he said, noting that Diana then changed the date for their wedding to August which he agreed.

The matter will come up again today.