Ali Bangura v. SLPP


Supreme Court commences hearing today

By Regina Pratt

Ambassador Alie Bangura and his team of aggrieved supporters are due at the Supreme Court today to commence their petition against the national delegates’ convention of the Sierra Leones Peoples Party, SLPP, in 2013.

Ambassador Allie Bangura and his co-petitioners want the court to nullify the election of the current executive led by Chief Somano Kapen as Chairman and Leader of the former ruling party.

However, according to former Member of Parliament in Kono district, Hon. Philip Tondoneh, the case is only meant to derail the progress of the party, inferring that some of their supporters intend to become chairman and leader by default.

He said the chairman of the Political Parties Registration Commission, Justice Tolla Thompson, had urged both parties in the leadership tussle to reconcile instead of going to court.

Ambassador Bangura was not immediately available for comments.