Airtel’s fraudsters go to High Court


January 27, 2017 By Hawa Amara

A fraud matter involving two Indians and one Sierra Leonean has been committed to the High Court by Magistrate Dr. Magistrate Abou Bhakarr Binneh-Kamara for further trial.

The Indians were before the court for allegedly defrauding Airtel mobile company by using their sim cards without purchasing top up cards whilst the Sierra Leonean was charged for selling the said sim card.

Magistrate Binneh-Kamara told the court that the prosecution called one witness to prove their case, and that the evidence deduced against the accused persons was sufficient to warrant their comital to the High court.

Earlier, Detective Police Constable 4019 Mohamed Jusu  attached to the Criminal Investigation Department told the court that he was on duty on October 29,2016 when a combine team of cyber unit and Airtel personnel operating telecommunication in Freetown came to the office and made a report against the accused persons-Shakeel Ahmed Memon, Naresh Sachdev and Salamatu Sillah.

The witness explained that the team visited No. 34 UN Drive at Wilkinson Road and No. 5 Smart Farm to conduct search warrants at the premises of the 1st and 2nd accused persons.

He said illegal telecommunication equipment was found at their premises.

DPC 4019 noted that on October 30 and 3rd November, 2016, he  and  DPC 9893 Tarawally F. interrogated the accused persons separately.

He said during the course of  investigation, they received a correspondent from National Telecommunication Company (NATCOM) for the inspection of the equipment and that they found out that it was the 3rd accused ( Salamatu) who sold the sim cards to both accused persons.

The witness furthered narrated that on November 15, 2016, the data analyst, Detective Sergeant Thorly, conducted a search in the I-Phone and the laptop computer of the accused persons and the details contained therein were recorded in the search warrant book.

He added that on 23rd November a charge statement was obtained from the accused persons.

The accused persons were before the court on two counts of conspiracy to defraud contrary to law.