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Airtel launches Ramadan ‘Babalaa’ promotion

May 25, 2017 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma


As part of their Social Corporate Responsibility to their valued customers and the peoples of Sierra Leone as whole Airtel one of the leading telecommunication companies in the country on Tuesday 23rd May, 2017 launched their Ramadan ‘Babalaa’ promotion.

According to Airtel Revenue & Market Planning Manager, Abibatu Junisa Ramadan is a special time for their customers which is tied to religious belief and African values and Airtel has thought it fit to accompany their valued customers during the special journey in the Ramadan month in Sierra Leone.

She said in showing their customers that indeed they love them and wish to be beside them during the blessed journey they decided to launch the ‘Babalaa’ Ramadan Promotion which comprises of daily gifts, weekly gifts and a final unbelievable gift which will commenced on 23 May, to 30th June 2017.

All what someone needs to do to be qualified for the promotion is to buy credit, buy a new sim card and use it, buy data and also send and receiving money through the Airtel money system.

She said daily winners will be opportune to win food items including provision and fifteen lucky winners will win two million Leones each in the weekly draw and three people who will emerge as the end of promotion winners will be sponsored by Orange to perform the Holy Hajj in Mecca.

 She further that like always they will be distributing food stuffs to selected mosques in Freetown and in the provinces respectively and they will also be donating to the homeless.

Speaking also the Managing Director of Orange Telecommunication Sekou Drame, they are part of an international telecommunication group that has one of the strongest presences in Africa and a strong commitment to Africa’s development.

He said Orange has presence in twenty-one countries with more than twenty-one thousand local employees and further that one of ten African is an orange customer and that they have more than one and ten million customers.

He said their ambition is about providing a unique and exceptional experience to all their stakeholders internal and external and their main priorities are customer experience, quality of service, employee development, profitable growth and corporate social responsibility and they conduct business with the core values of transparency, responsibility and innovation.

He further that they will leverage on the existing expertise in Sierra Leone but also in Orange and SONATEL groups to build best in class networks, enhance their product portfolio and enhance the quality of service provided to the customer to the highest standards

He disclosed that they are currently in the middle of the execution of the modernization plan which will bring a permanent fix to some glitches they have in their network.

He further that their new towers will be soon seen around the county with thousands of Sierra Leoneans that will have access for the first time to mobile services and that they will keep playing an active role in the corporate Social Responsibility as the used to  and stakeholder engagement to remain the company of choice.

He closed that Sierra Leone has a rich and diversified culture with tolerance at its heat and that the remain passionate about giving back to their esteemed customers and society at large.

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