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Ailing Santigie dying slowly, calls for help

October 26, 2021

By Alhaji Haruna

21-year-old Santigie Bangura, who was hit by a private vehicle along the Bo Masiaka highway and sustained serious external and internal injuries, is calling on humanitarians to save his life by helping him undergo surgery overseas.

Santagie Bangura was hit by a private vehicle on January 14, 2018, after, he was rushed to the Chinese Friendship Hospital at Jui. After some examinations, he was sent to the Emergency hospital in Freetown where some x-ray examinations were conducted on him. Santigie was finally referred to Connaught Hospital where he underwent a major surgery to combat the continuous internal bleeding he was experiencing.

Santigie lost three of his front teeth after the gruesome road accident that left him with serious complications which resulted in his inability to urinate and defecate even after his surgery.

“The driver that hit me with his car was taking care of my hospital bills until my father died in 2019, then the driver seizes paying my hospital bills. And no one knows his whereabouts since then. My late father was the only member of my family that knows him,” sobbing Bangura explained.

Santigie has been on permanent catheters which are connected through his intestine and private part for passing urine and defecate. He was also advised to only eat fruit, vegetables and porridges which he said his poor family could not afford to provide for him.

“I have been degenerated to a street beggar just so that I can get the required food recommended for me by doctors. I also need to buy catheters and bandages which nurses at the Connaught hospital change after every 3 days,” he narrated.

Doctors have said the needed surgery that will restore Santigie’s ability for a normal urination and defecation could only be carried out in Ghana, Senegal or India.

Santigie said his extremely poor relatives in the village cannot afford to pay his hospital bills talk less of flying him abroad for a surgery.

“I am suffering! I am suffering! My life is at stake, please help save my life!”.

He called on President Bio, the First Lady Fatima Bio, Government and Non-Government officials and humanity at large to help facilitate his surgery.

Concord Times met Dr. Alusine A.M Dawo, a general surgeon attached at the Connaught hospital. He narrated that himself, Dr. S.B Sesay, and Dr. T.B Kamara (Urologist) had conducted two major surgical operations on Santigie Bangura and discovered that he has a damaged pelvis, a damaged rectum and a partially raptured bladder.

Dr. Dawo said Santigie was being looked after by his father who also fell sick and died in the hospital months after Santigie’s admission in the hospital.

Dr. Dawo further confirmed that since the demise of Santigie’s father, no one showed up for the poor lad. He lamented on the extreme level of poverty of the boy’s family.

“Since the demise of his father, myself, other doctors and nurses have been spending from our little earnings to support his medication and feeding. We even pleaded to the management of Choithram hospital where an x-ray which was supposed to cost about Le (2,000,000,000) was done at no cost for him,” he explained.

Dr. Dawo said Santigie presently need to conduct another x-ray at the Choitram hospital so as to know his present status, but there is no body to pay for the x-ray

He confirmed that  the poor boy needs an extensive surgery to mend his complex injuries, but those surgeries, he said, can only be done in India, Ghana or Senegal.

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