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Sahr Morris Jr. campaign team addresses delegates

May 8, 2015 By Sahr Morris Jr. campaign team

ONE TO WATCH ... ace Sports Editor, Sahr Morris Jr., gunning for the Secretary General post
ONE TO WATCH … ace Sports Editor, Sahr Morris Jr., gunning for the Secretary General post

Fellow Delegates,

The clouds look dark, our association appears gloomy. We look back, things look stormy, but in the face of all odds, we saw a giant scribe and one with dignity. A man of change, a man of destiny, armed with skills hoping to bring about change through his distinctive pen prowess – the golden virtue of life.

Like morning dew, he remains fresh, in both ideas and facts. He is coming to the association not with pride or hypocritical hospitality, but with extreme humility; demonstrating zeal to move the association to an enviable height and to make it appreciate the dignity of man.

A distinctive scribe in the waiting, Sahr Morris Jr. exhibits a high sense of brilliance and sportsmanship. Achieving is one thing; deserving is another. Morris Jr. is an achiever who deserves it all – the pen-pusher of the association.

As campaign for the forthcoming Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL) elections commenced yesterday (May 7), we want to bring this message to all potential delegates. Morris is aspiring for the enviable position of Secretary General (SG) of SWASAL.

We are of the firm belief that the SWASAL delegates’ conference is not only about electing new executive members, but it also provides a platform where issues affecting sports journalists and journalism in the country such as capacity building, equity and fair opportunities are exhaustively discussed and deliberated upon, and with resolutions reached on how a unique and enviable association can thrive under a new leadership.

As we prepare for the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM), and as contenders for various positions gear up, oiling their campaign machineries, and strategizing on how to outsmart their opponents, we must not allow anything that has the potential to divide us as colleagues to fester. We must shun campaign of calumny.

We should strive to keep and strengthen the bond of unity and brotherhood that has been the hallmark of our noble association before, during and after the elections and the AGM. SWASAL must come foremost in the bigger picture rather than individual and parochial interest.

Furthermore, as we embark on showcasing our different candidates and why they should be elected, we want to appeal that we do it with respect and civility, avoiding unnecessary personal attacks and mudslinging that will end up causing chaos. Let us stick to the rules of the game whilst we make our manifestoes known to the delegates. Let us keep it clean and civil. Let the delegates decide, through the ballot, who their elected executives will be. Their mandate should be respected.

Although in this AGM we will be going to the ballot, we should all have it in mind that ‘election is not a war’. Let us come out united in a rancour free atmosphere, where losers will congratulate winners in the spirit of sportsmanship, and winners will be magnanimous in victory. Let us all be ready to work together for the progress and betterment of SWASAL.

We should all strive to maintain utmost discipline and be an example to our parent body, the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), our host community and country. Elections will come and go, but we all still remain colleagues and one big family. To this end, let us gather the light, for our destiny offers not the cup of despair but the chalice of opportunity. Let us seize it not in fear, but in gladness and ride on the earth together. Let us go forward, firm in one faith, steadfast in our purpose, cautious of the dangers ahead, but sustained by our confidence in the will of God and the promise of our service to man and humanity, which is the hallmark of our profession.

We do not believe that any of us – 2015 SWASAL delegates – would exchange places with any other candidate for the position of Secretary General, SWASAL. It is time for us to awake to change, awake to life, and awake to progress. Let us be brave and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the change that awaits our association.

The energy, faith, and devotion wish that Morris Jr. will bring as SG, SWASAL, will lighten our association, better our profession, and rekindle our hope. The glow and candour from him will truly light our country in particular and Africa in general.

Fellow delegates, ask not what Morris Jr. can do for you, ask not what Morris Jr. can offer you, ask not how his victory will reward you, rather, ask what you can do to make Morris Jr. Secretary General of SWASAL, and ask what you can contribute to towards his noble ambition.

We have to labour and work; and work very hard to give reality to Morris’s dream – to effectively and excellently reposition the image of SWASAL.

Finally, we will like to appeal to the delegates who will be casting their ballots on that fateful day to think wisely, act wisely, and vote wisely.

Thank you for your attention. May God guide and guard you.

See you at the SWASAL AGM in Bo.

Long live journalism! Long live SWASAL!! Long Live SAHR MORRIS JR.!!!