Mother, daughter die in fire blaze in Freetown

  • August 24, 2018

Mother, daughter die in fire blaze in Freetown

Residents of White Street in Western Freetown were yesterday August 18, 2018 thrown into a state of pandemonium when an inferno engulfed their resident, killed two persons and destroyed properties worth millions of Leones.

The cause of the wide inferno which killed one madam Jabbie and her daughter was arguably not known.

According to eye witness account, the blaze started at midnight and Fire Force didn’t come to the scene until the entire building was burnt to ashes.

Meanwhile, another resident dwelling in the same compound, Yabu Conteh declined knowledge of the inferno, but stated that “I just heard people shouting and when I came outside I saw the blaze”

However, Fire Chief, Rashid Kamanda Bongay said they were jointly investigating the cause of the inferno with police and that they would come out with a statement no sooner the investigations are completed.