Agnes Mansaray sets new school records in U.S.A  


January 18, 2017 By: Sahr Morris Jnr

Agnes Mansaray is set for greater achievements and some scintillating performances in 2017 as she followed her stellar output in the Half Marathon back in the Fall with a new school record for her College in the 1000M (One Thousand Meters) event, as she destroyed the record while taking part at the University of Iowa Hawkeye Invitational Indoor Track & Field Meet.

Her performance in the event was the leading time for all Junior college athletes in the USA.

 Agnes, a High School Track Phenom in Philadelphia USA, is a Sierra Leonean athlete, who now seems destined to rock the Track world in years to come.

She is an 800 and 400 meters specialist, who is now at the cusp of global stardom.  She currently attends the Central Iowa Community College where she has now made her mark by setting a new school record in the 1000 Meters, which by the way, will also be a new national record for Sierra Leone.

The records will be subject to verification and ratification after all necessary facts are checked.