Afrimoney integrates with Skye Bank


By Ishmael Dumbuya

Sierra Leone’s leading telecommunications company, Africell, through its Afrimoney service, has on Wednesday,August 31st, entered into an agreement with Skye Bank at the bank’s headquarters on Siaka Stevens Street in Freetown.

The new partnership will allow customers to make their bank transactions using Afrimoney.

In his opening statement, Afrimoney Director, Martison Obeng-Agyei,stated that  they were excited to partnering with Skye Bank,  adding that after the agreement Skye Bank will have over 6,000 branches with Afrimoney.

 He said every Afrimoney agent will automatically be working for Skye Bank because they will be helping the bank with their bank transactions using Afrimoney .

He added that the service will be up and running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week even at times when the bank is closed, using their Afrimoney account.

“Gone are those days when you have to queue up for long period of time at banks only to make transactions.With Afrimoney now, banking process has been expedited,” he said.

He continued that at Afrimoney they offer customers  security and reliability, stating that the Afrimoney service is available across the country and on a 24 hours basis.

In his address, the Managing Director Skye Bank, Abiola Bolaji, stated that the integration with Afrimoney is a step in the right direction and will help ease the banking hassles to have to join a long queue for a long time only to make bank transactions.

The Managing Director added that internet banking is the solution to preventing customers from joining long queues for a long period of time.

He went on to state that there were 2.1 million internet users in the country and that that number will continue to grow, adding that users are not only based in the urban areas but in other parts of the country and there’s a need for financial inclusion.

 Bolaji highlighted that there were 12.4% of people that were financially included, meaning those that were involved in banking activities.

Nevertheless, he stressed that there were lot of people in remote areas that are not financially included and it is only by using Afrimoney service that those people could be included in internet banking.

“That is why we are completely grateful and happy for this agreement with Afrimoney,”he said.

He further stated that as a bank they will do all they could to ensuring that the partnership with Afrimoney is a success and that  they will encourage their customers to be using the Afrimoney service for their banking  transactions and make the financially excluded become included.

He added that in the next few months the bank will have its own banking app that will allow customers to do their ‘push and pull’ bank to wallet system, adding that the bank will also deploy automated teller machines across the country.

Skye Bank Executive Director, Akinremi Akinwale added that the partnership with Afrimoney is very significant.

He stated that Africell has about 50% of the market share in Sierra Leone and the bank working with them is a perfect solution to attracting more Skye Bank customers.

He said currently they have 5 branches across Sierra Leone and that they intend on expanding that, but that can only be possible through technology and Afrimoney.