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Africell unveils 4G++

May 31, 2021

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Africell has official unveiled 4G++ network to the public at their Africell customer care centre, Odion building, Saika Stevens Street in Freetown.

The company became the first mobile operator to launch the 4G++ technology in the country and have completed the roll out and optimisation of the service across the country.

According to the company’s Marketing Manager, Nancy Joseph, Africell has existed in the country since 2005, and that they are the only GSM company that has over one million subscribers all over the country.

“Subscribers can now use their 4G++, which is already active and loaded with the highest, and a very affordable data prices,” she said.

Miss Joseph further stated that those with 4G, who chose to swap their existing sim cards for the 4G++ sim will get free 4G sim card loaded in time with new 4G++.

She stressed that even with the variance in speed of the service in different locations; the company’s 4G ++ is two times faster than any 4G-LTE provider in the country.

“The variation in speed is determined by topography and location of the receiver. As long as your phone or device has Wi-Fi access, it can connect to the MiFi and the network would be 4G,” she assured.

Also speaking, Human Resource Manager, Patricia Jangah, explained that the 4G++ network Africell unveiled would be the fastest in Sierra Leone and Africa and at large.

She further reiterated that 4G++ network is the biggest evolution of mobile phone technology in the world that has increased data speed with smoother experience, adding that inspite of the vastly enhanced speed of 4G++ network; the system does not increase the cost of data service.

As the first to launch the 4G++ network in the country, she said Africell has rolled out an optimisation of the service in the country and will ensure the whole country is covered with the service before the end of the year.

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